Adani Group

On behalf of Adani Group, Galil Consultant is looking for identifying, exploring, diversifying, and investing in new Technology Business areas, in order for International companies to setup such similar ventures in India. Looking at a huge market, ease of doing business environment and attractive government policies such as Make in India, Digital India, Clean India, Skill India programs that are encouraging large FDI’s and overseas companies partnering with Indian firms. Adani Group are open for Joint Venture/Technology Licensing/Strategic Investment with innovative & proven Israeli/Global companies on mutual interest and benefits in several segments to move forward.

M&W Products

M&W Products extraordinary engineering expertise in ultra-clean air and ultra-pure atmospheres ensures that customers current and future manufacturing processes are clean, safe, productive, cost-efficient – and environmentally friendly. No wonder more than half the devices coming out of the world’s leading wafer fabs are manufactured in environments created by M+W Products! M&W Products specialists provide consulting to meet customer needs, according to the requirements for individual or complete solutions.

Habonim Industrial Valves & Actuators

Habonim has earned an international reputation for developing and manufacturing high quality ball valves, pneumatic actuators and ancillary equipment. Habonim dedication has led to innovations that have improved productivity, Health and Safety and generated significant cost savings for customers all around the globe.

Eastech Flow Control

Eastech plans to attain a position of economic & environmental leadership through the introduction of the world’s first “Smart” Wastewater Collection System. Eastech ‘s ‘Smart’ Wastewater Systems would provide communities throughout the world with the added benefits of saving millions of dollars in unnecessary treatment costs generated by the additional volumes created through the entrance of clean ground and storm water; eliminating toxic sewer overflows and residential basement sewage back-ups; validating treatment plant billing charges; confirming the exact amounts of wastewater volume traveling through multiple communities; creating “Green” jobs; and finally, reducing our overall output of greenhouse gas emissions.

ProMation Engineering

The company designs and manufactures electric actuators for long term reliable process controls in harsh and critical industrial environments. The standard actuators are available with complete control options for a wide range of applications for control valves and dampers. For critical control applications, ProMation Engineering develops in corporation with the customer, based on specific requirements, an actuator solution to optimize the process.