Market Penetrating

Entering a new market (both geographical and product segment) presents a large opportunity for companies to expand their business activities and increase their profits. It is also a serious challenge for managements; the ability to understand the local business culture, speaking the language and identifying suitable partners and key-customers.

Entering a new market is a procedure which requires specific skill, dedication and creativity.
When done properly, new-market entry can generate steady and long term revenue and improve its strategic position. However, choosing the wrong entry strategy and not the right partners can have expensive and negative long term outcome on the company.

Our combined team has exceptional experience in assisting companies wishing to enter new markets/teritories and to develop new business all over the Globe. We assist companies to scan the market, position themselves and develop a marketing strategy. Most importantly, our “hands on” approach is to find local and strategic partners for our customers, in order to make use of their already existing networks and knowledge of their target markets.

Galil Consultant will bring added value by:
  1. Market research and Market strategy and plan the relevant market players, price levels, identifying market trends, as well as identifying needs and requirements of end-users; by performing desk-research as well as interviewing industry experts. Based on our findings we assist in defining our customer position towards the competitions and their products in certain markets in order to ensure a successful market penetration.
  2. Establishing local partnerships by selecting potential partners in order to set up the most suitable sales channels.
  3. Acquiring key-customers and targeting companies, identifying and approaching the relevant decision-making personal  within these organizations.
  4. Establishing a regional office (when required) and assisting companies to set up a legal entity, find local staff and integrate in the local business community.