Mergers & Acquisitions

We may be able to assist you with the acquisitions of projects.
Below is the information regarding what is required for an acquisitions to take place:

Entering a new market is a procedure which requires specific skill, dedication and creativity. When done properly, new-market entry can generate steady and long term revenue and improve its strategic position. However, choosing the wrong entry strategy and not the right partners can have expensive and negative long term outcome on the company.

Our combined team has exceptional experience in assisting companies wishing to enter new markets/teritories and to develop new business all over the Globe. We assist companies to scan the market, position themselves and develop a marketing strategy. Most importantly, our “hands on” approach is to find local and strategic partners for our customers, in order to make use of their already existing networks and knowledge of their target markets.

  • Executive summary.
  • Complete resumes of all principals.
  • Previous three years of detailed operating statements and current YTD.
  • Any appraisal completed on the project within the past three years.
  • Complete business plan in place.
  • Minimum project deal accepted is $10 Million Dollars.

Terms and or requirements are subject to change without any notice.Depending on the project, further documentations may be asked for at a later date.The types of M&A matters in which we have experience cover a broad spectrum of deals, including:

  • Private equity
  • Joint ventures
  • Asset sales & purchases
  • Public takeovers
  • Global M&A Advisory Firms
  • Tender offers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Niche Consulting Firms